Commercials are concise, effective and must convince in the shortest possible time.
Together with you, we find a suitable concept that corresponds to the marketing of your company. We arouse the attention of your target group with an individually developed advertising film and thus the interest in your product.


Music video
A music video serves in the first place to visualize and market a song. Put your viewer in an atmosphere you want and create a unique style together with Sharkz Media.
Info: We design for our customers additionally a suitable thumpnail and a trailer for all formats.


PREPRODUCTION - Sharkz Media helps you from the beginning of the project. Our planning with storyboards, visual concepts, talent casting and visual aids will help shape your message to reach your target audience. Through meticulous and strategic planning, we will find concepts that fit your vision economically and visually.

SHOOTING - Our talented team of professionals works smoothly together to ensure that each project goes according to plan and fulfills the client's vision.
We are sustainably expanding our pool of contacts with talent and professionals from the film and art scene. Thus, you work only with specialists.

POSTPRODUCTION - After the filming of the project is complete, we will work with you to edit the raw footage exactly as you envisioned it. Our professional services include editing, visual effects, sound design, audio production, graphic design and final color.